Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bai(ing) power !!

This is an Indian urban legend,
of choices women are forced to make,
Your partner or the domestic help,
in a pinch, which one would you take?

For a woman who manages home and work,
and is putting in many shifts,
good help these days is hard to find,
and tops diamonds and other gifts.

Love or hate the one you have,
but keep her you just must
to help you clean and help you cook,
to sweep under the carpet, the dust.

She helps you add spice to the food,
lightly sprinkling gossip too,
keeping you abreast, if you have no time,
of what the neighbours do..

The clothes may not look so clean,
spots and stains may never be out,
her knowledge of every one's weakest spots,
never can you ever doubt.

The salt and spice she may err on,
but knows what each resident earns,
whose daughter's set to elope with whom
what happens before the husband returns!

Should you and yours ever disagree,
it'll be all over the town,
always will the neighbours know
of your life's every up and down.

Yet if it came to making a choice,
between the 'bai' and the spouse
it is not easy to let her go,
for the sake of a happy house.

If you wonder how the legend ends
the lady did wisely choose,
she kept the one she depended on,
the husband, she cut loose!!

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