Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A word to the wise

Breathes there a woman with vanity so dead,
who never to herself has even once said,
'I wish someone would say something nice
even if it's just about the shape of my head!'

The problem however with a smooth turn of phrase,
words don't come often,  out as you hope
sometimes just  slipping right  out of the mouth,
and landing all concerned on a slippery slope.

Just as this woman who met me one day
and told me brightly 'You've a charming face'.
Happy, the kind words the morning had brought,
I prepared to dazzle with a smile full of grace.

The following words did wipe off that smile,
"Rare is such charm at such  late  a stage"
Not exactly being at the doddering edge,
I felt old and wrinkled and in in my dotage!

Then there was this bright young man,
who  rushed into a conversational lull,
 to win a girl he said 'I liked you much more before,
This tan, it makes you look very dull"

Whether or not a mate he did ever find,
were I  to predict just  one future right,
blessed as he is with such smooth turn of phrase,
 it just did not look that very bright!

It's not just women that  the words do impress,
with grown men too you'd get quite a rise,
if only to sweet talk you  did  know how,
of cars, gadgets, wallets and of their size!

 But if ever the sweet talk should you elude,
saying nothing at all, is all for the best.
Not everyone knows the words to string right,
and this is the truth -   east or west!!

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if its lack of finesse with words or an intention to hurt under the garb of stupidity that people say hurtful things?

    And once again, a very well written charming poem.



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