Monday, June 27, 2011

Charity begins !!

I've often felt that charity,
begins very much at home
The giver does it for himself,
that's the twist on this syndrome.

Give if you want without any gain,
then  why do it with such fan fare.
You could always help those who need,
and quietly do your share!

If you chance upon such people,
talked about for doing so much,
just watch them carefully.
whatever gets them noticed, they only do that much.

In helping they have a motive,
for  them to feel simply  good.
but there are some who feel better,
by doing what they never should!

If you come across such donors,
who give under their sign and seal,
you'll realize that they only do it,
just to build some mass appeal.

When giving is all about the picture,
that comes in the next day's news.
It's about how the public views you,
It's a great big publicity ruse.

If you don't believe me,
just take a good look at the shot,
 the giver, he smiles and stands tall,.
the receiver is bent over like he's just been bought.

You may dub me cynical,
on the givers I might seem too harsh,
But often I 've seen that public charity,
that's all just great eyewash!

"Charity begins at home'
the next time if  you hear,
just make sure the meaning,
is absolutely  crystal clear!


  1. I too believe charity always begins at home...

  2. I like the poem and the thought behind it. What you have said is very true. We should speak to our loved ones nicely; help our maids get empowered first before we donate the same money for outside charitable causes. Mridu


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