Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A day for myself

One day in life to myself be,
just to be so completely free.
not to be caught and held up for,
ten things now and then ten more.

As a child I  firmly believed,
grow up, and you can be relieved
of all  permissions  we seemed to need
and could do exactly as one pleased.

If then it was a daughter dutiful,
now it is about the mother bountiful.
daughter, sister, spouse and mother,
if its not one, then its another.

Not that at those roles  anyone can scoff,
but what would it be, with layers peeled off?
To care not about what anyone think,
even if it be on madness brink.

I may then find a hollow shell,
and a need for  the roles that I fit well.
But till such time, will I ever find.
 Am I all soul or jumbled thought and mind?

If there were no fetters of place and birth,
would it be simpler to find one's real worth?
In a vacuum does a 'me' exist?
Is there even a me, if from my roles I desist?

If you think, it's not even that highbrow,
It's just something like going incognito.
 one day in life to myself be,
just to be so completely free!!

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