Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dream run

As a child I felt I knew it all,
Just a wish to be smart and tall,
I knew what was best for me,
what else in life could there be?

Then came the toys and pups and  a cat,
just the things that would please a brat.
The world suddenly had a lot more,
than one could ever  hope to store.

The magic words  said 'Open sesame'
opening up a whole new world to me
As the words began to dance and spin,
toys and reality started wearing thin.

Imagination took root and then ran riot,
with elves, fairies and dragons that bite.
From there, a short ride into the sunset,
 with the princess, who'd just her prince met.

With dawning wonder I imagined my own,
a prince who'd be mine, just mine alone.
Wishing for  a status in the working world,
surrounded by people who'd do just as I told.

Then it was children and what they wish
all their little milestones, to savour with relish,
There are still some dreams and wishes to fulfill,
hope for health and immunity from ill will.

With time and place and every stage,
One's dreams and wishes do so change,
But over the age what one may want,
some are forgotten while some forever haunt.

I always thought I knew what was good for me,
asking,  'In life  what else could there be?'
Now I laugh at what little I knew,
of plans and dreams that  go askew.

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