Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A life lived...

She did not remember falling down,
when she first started to walk,
she knew not what her first words were,
and how she learned to talk.

Her parents must have held her hand
and kissed better all her hurt,
It was their lot, it was understood
to protect her from the dust and the dirt.

She was sure she did not say words right,
when she first said them at all,
but they just laughed and corrected her,
to their satisfaction, saying she was so small.

As time passed, she made a few missteps,
she tripped and she fell and she fumbled too,
but all they did was give her a loving scold
and forgive her sins as she grew.

Oh, they did give her a gentle nudge,
toward the direction they felt was best,
the school, the food, the music and even friends;
all did pass through their acid test.

Then came along the bigger choices,
like careers, jobs and life skills.
They said they'd leave the choice to her,
but only after educating her on all the ills.

There was not much of a fight or a tug of war,
as she did feel, they must know it best.
After all, they only wished good  things for her
safety, a good life and all the cares addressed..

She could choose, she'd been assured,
in time, a partner whom she liked.
But just right then, they felt convinced,
was not time for her to be tied.

Some time down, it felt so right,
she just knew, this time was it.
her parents agreed that he seemed nice,
but would he into the family well fit?
How could she ever doubt her very own,
 who gave her love and life.
and even though it bruised her heart,
knew this was the way to avoid any strife.

In some time, they did suggest,
a man she could build a life time with,
who seemed  such a perfect fit,
it seemed right out of a fairy myth.

Now that her future was secure,
the parents did do a relay,
they handed  the baton over to him,
it was for the husband now, the dragons to slay.

Life did pass on the tranquil route,
with an absence of worry or care.
There was content all around,
just about their rightful share.

As it happens with most routines,
things in time did settle in a steady rut.
It then gave her time to reflect,
and brush off her thoughts, the grime and dust.

How exactly would her life have been,
if her choices were not  well validated.
Not that anyone was ever to blame,
but had her passion  been fully sated.?

Life on an a safe and even keel
was not a roller coaster ride,
what if she missed on excitement,
that had been  there, waiting on the other side?

Life may have been more down than up,
in terms of the worldly view,
but sometimes in life from the downs are born,
some of the world's wonders too.

Protecting one's own is  nature's way,
but there are times, letting go is best,
How will the little bird conquer the skies,
forever and always if it's safe in the nest?!!

 At some point in our lives, we seem to become our parents......As parents, we want to give our children all that we loved or lacked. We instinctively want to smooth their path. We have opinions on their music, books, friends  and so on.. The line between smoothing and smothering may be crossed. Letting go is not the easiest thing, after wanting to keep them out of harm's way.....This applies equally, if differently, to girls and boys..


  1. You take life as it comes along
    It may not be smooth as silk
    If you had a fruitful stint here
    Why cry over the spilt milk?

  2. Should you ever spill some milk,
    it's good to examine when and how,
    the stint might be even more fruitful,
    if you do not repeat history now.

  3. A very poignant poem. Its touched forgotten places in my heart -- we are protected and we in turn protect. There is no way of knowing which would have been better and even worse there is no way of judging "what" actually is better?

    Thank you for pennin this one. Mridu

  4. Thanks mridu.. for getting the poem exactly as i mean it.. :)


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