Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love or something

I was all set to sleep last night when my cell phone rang. To my surprise, it was someone who used to work with us. He came to us fourteen years ago and worked as our man Friday for over ten years. Then his parents illness forced him to move too far to commute. Reluctantly, he took up another job, but kept in touch...... calling us on birthdays and festivals, dropping in occasionally. He would get his wife and two little girls too. If I ever needed a driver or some help in a pinch he would fill in, even if it meant taking leave of absence, from his current work place.

However, calls so late at night were unheard of. I asked him if all was OK and his rather abrupt response was to ask me if he could work for me. From all I'd heard, things were going good at his place of work even as of last month, when he had called . So I asked him what happened. and then into the long silence, without waiting for a response, asked him to come over in the morning so we could talk about it. That he was troubled was obvious and I  assumed it was the usual family problems between his mother and his wife or some school issues for his daughter or even about money.

When he turned up at about 10 in the morning in a rather worse for wear appearance, I was not too worried. After the usual pleasantries I asked him what had happened. He said "Kaise Bataon?". Coming from someone whom we have counselled even on intimate issues like family planning and marital discord, this was rather surprising. Intrigued by now, I just told him to tell me the truth, whatever it was.  "Maine shaadi kiya" he blurted out. I knew that he had a wife of eight years (having been esteemed guests at his wedding). Not comprehending, I asked him when he got married.  Turned out, he had fallen in love got married to this other woman three years ago.

His first wife ( as he referred to her) got wind of it recently and confronted him about it. Enough dust had been kicked up and she even complained to the police. He insisted that his marriage to the second wife was legal and he had a lawyers word(!) to prove it. He did not want to give up on either. He insisted he could manage "sambhal" both. He wanted  our help in finding work as he could not go to his current employer for fear of cops that his first wife would set on him. Right or wrong, he felt he could not live without either of them. He even confessed to contemplating suicide.

So what happens next? Well, who knows!!! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Love makes the world go round and  heads to spin!!

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