Thursday, June 30, 2011

One way to get there!

The road to hell has good intentions,
for its paving stones they say.
So if you intend any good,
just act on it today!!

Have you ever to yourself said,
"I must call her soon!"
and then go on to forget it,
in a life that just goes zoom..

Think of all the  things we say,
and then promptly  forget them all.
If not much else, of this I'm sure,
we often forget to visit or call.

Promises don't take, very much to make.
It's keeping them that's hard to do,
On the spur of the moment, in a passion,
we vow to do, of what we have not a clue.

Often we to ourselves firmly resolve,
we promise from now to be nicer  to all.
All it takes is a little spat,
for that resolve, flat to fall.

Then there is the generous thought,
to give to those in need,
if not acted upon, just right then,
gets lost with very great speed.

They say heaven is full of good works.
and mere intentions do not count,
hell on the other hand is paved with good intentions,
and the road there to, by every account.

So whatever it is you intend to do,
you should act on it with out a doubt.
cause should you ever end in hell,
there's no way you'll ever get out!!

P.s If all this you should ever forget,
here is a rule to remember well,
good intentions do at times misfire,
so wiser it may be after all, to not on them dwell!!

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