Saturday, June 18, 2011

The poet!

There was once a worthy poet,
who was on the brink of death,
surrounded by his all people,
waiting with bated breath.

He would not last was certain,
 or so the doctors said,
'It's just a matter of time before,
every little hope is dead'.

Losing hope was one thing,
but everyone agreed,
His son must surely meet him,
before death away him lead.

All attempts to rouse him once more,
from deathly slumber failed,
It almost seemed so certain,
that this ship had forever sailed.

Gloom then set in on those,
who felt that all was lost,
The prodigal son wouldn't see him.
'Oh the grief he'd be caused!'

Till a friend discovered,
such a brilliant ruse,
"I'll just get the worthy poet,
to recite about  his muse"

The light in the dim eyes brightened,
and the frail hand seemed more strong,
With great resolve the poet sat up,
proving the doctors  wrong.

One by one all dozed off,
all but a faithful friend.
He sat and heard the poet out
who with each word seemed to mend.

With morning  came the young son,
hastening to his fathers side,
To see that he was all well now,
and the friend, oh he had died!

Now that you've the story heard,
it is time that you paid heed,
To death these poets can make you sick,
you best avoid their creed!!

This poem is from a story I heard. The challenge was to set it in rhyme and do a slightly different rhyme scheme from the ones I had done before. I hope it tells the story well!!


  1. Wow... You have done a fabulous job of turning the story into the poem! The ending was totally unexpected too!!! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. So it goes on with the poets
    And with their faithful friends
    Never lettin the rhymers down
    If even their life just ends

  3. lol!
    that was wonderful and had a beautiful rhythm to it too!


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