Friday, June 24, 2011

Relationship tip!

This story is from prehistoric times,
 when the world was a younger place,
When dinosaurs, mammoths  and sabre tooths,
were jostling for some space!

As you hid from the huge T-rex,
and gathered  up some food,
you also hoped for  some romance,
hard though it was to set a mood.

There was this young man so worthy,
with sights set on this girl,
and why she would not accept him,
his mind was in a whirl.

They seemed like such a perfect fit,
almost every one observed  so,
It should have been a no brainer,
but for no reason apparently, it was no go!

He tried to tell her many times,
and even brought her gifts,
raptor teeth jewellery, a python skin,
and a skirt made from wood that drifts.

The highest mountain he did scale,
and even swam the deepest sea,
But no matter what he tried,
she seemed unimpressed and never did agree.

Hoping  the green eyed monster to invoke,
he then courted many a girl,
But  all it did was instead,
to push her  deep, into a social swirl.

The more he tried to over her win ,
the further did she run,
Though when asked she would reply,
their friendship was just for laughter and fun.

Then one day, the smart young man.
observed her in an angry mood,
when she was told that she could NOT do,
what she thought for her was good.

With dawning wonder he did realize,
 what  just might do the very trick,
All he needed was a right challenge,
and it all in place would click.

The very next time when he met her,
he told her it would never work,
he thanked her that she had not agreed,
' Be hard for you' he told her with a smirk..

The challenge seemed to work like a charm,
In a trice she changed her mind,
now she seemed all intrigued,
the wheels turning within her mind

The next when he tried to court her,
she seemed a bit more willing,
and so on and on it went along,
till it was all just smooth sailing!

Here's a piece of good advice,
for young men even now,
gifts might lose their gilded edge,
so might the treasure trove.

If you want to win that special one,
the puzzle's all ready to solve,
set her a challenge she cant resist,
and you  just might win her love!!.

No animals were hurt in the making of this poem, though a puppy was at my side!!
 He said he  enjoyed the silly poem... .though may be he just  lied!!

1 comment:

  1. Such a humorous one. But beautifully written. You got the rhyming great. :)

    Good luck!


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