Thursday, June 2, 2011

The thing about being alone

 I do not often try my hand at rhyme, but here goes...

The thing about being alone,
you can think of stuff to atone.
Could be a harsh word said ,unthinking,
or just a hard stare directed, unblinking.

It may be just in the recent past,
or in the time that's since long lost.
When there is a lot of time to think,
a lot passes through your mind in a blink.

The problem however with hurts so old,
is that with certainty it can never be told,
Can a plea for forgiveness  be ever expressed?,
Or is the desire to be forever repressed?

And if such an opportunity ever arise,
will a mere apology ever suffice?
what if its just too little too late,
does it even mean anything at so late a date?

Even if asking forgiveness is repentance enough.
the lack of a response may feel very rough,
then again forgiveness is for others to give,
the hope and expectation of which with to live.

When you have the time to brood,
 think of times you may have been rude.
That's the thing about being alone,
you can always find things to atone!


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