Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding ring

The line was 'Marriage is like being boxed in.. you just have to find your own corners'. While that reminded me of pugilists and the wrestling ring, I could not let it pass .. so here goes... again!!

Marriage has been described as many things,
 long extolled, for all the joys it brings!
If you wonder if the  definition fits
let me add some more, my two bits.

Stomach full with so many butterflies,
and even a few stars shining in your eyes,
You enter an important relationship,
on which you hope to get a strong grip.

A roller coaster ride lasting rather long,
there are times when it feels all wrong,
but like they say in many a song,
get it right and there's no bond so strong!

If the damp towel plays wet blanket
on the messiness scale, just rank it.
If it's up there, beyond what you can bear,
 just think of the commonalities you two share.

Wedded bliss does not like a movie unreel,
though to be fair, at times that too you'll feel.
At times you play villain and so also behave,
But at others, from troubles like heros, save.

Marriage is being boxed in, is what I've heard,
which to many, is how the question's answered.
Even if so, I don't think it's a complete goner,
if you remember, boxes have more than one corner.

So if you ever need some time and some space,
but still feel that you don't want out of the race.
All you need  is your very own corner to find,
then even with the bond, you'll never be in a bind!!

Sorry folks, am having too much fun rhyming ..


  1. Enjoyed this one significantly
    so impressed am I with your rhyming ability.
    I would have been foxed,
    trying to get a rhyme for boxed :)

    Waiting for your published book --

    Love always Mridu


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