Saturday, June 4, 2011

A wish goodnight!

When you'd like something you can't buy, beg or borrow,
 then there's no saying if you could get it tomorrow.

It's just a  feeling you can't explain,
somewhat like the scent of the first rain.

Through the busy day you may not think of it,
but falling asleep,something seems amiss, a bit.

So here's the trick to sleeping tight,
 next time you can,  just save a sent 'gnite'.

It came up one night, quietly, unasked,
in its warm glow, everything basked,

And whether or not you believe in a goodnight wish,
it may be a surprise what it can accomplish.

It even seemed to usher in dreamless sleep.
So it is decided, this one's to keep.

For there's no saying you'll get it again tomorrow,
and its not something you can just buy, beg or borrow!

Again, I do not know how good this rhyme is,
but it was fun and I wish you'd all try this. :)


  1. Loved this also..... you write so well... write a book of short poems na... mridu

  2. Thanks mridu. I would write the poems but we'll have to find someone to publish it. :)

  3. Shall I start the homework of finding a publisher and the exact process involved?


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