Monday, June 13, 2011

Wordly wise

 Recently, I received  a lively warning. set in rhyme, talking of the problems about losing one's heart to dashing cricketers ( apt in our cricket crazy nation). It made me smile and then wonder about all those who sweep us off our feet.  While I am not able to reproduce the piece on cricketers, here is what I came up with.

It's not ever been a  dashing cricketer,
who's  made my heart go pitter- patter,
as for sailors with girls in every port,
I believe it's just very poor sport.

As for the stars of the silver screen,
does anyone know what they mean?
on doctors lawyers businessmen,
they're way beyond my  ken,

It's words that get me every time,
be they in prose or elegant rhyme,
words that build a world around,
and block out every other sound.

Words that take you oh so high,
you can reach for the starry sky,
words with meaning so very  deep,
they could even make you sob or weep.

For me to, oh, sweep off my feet
at a game of words must have me beat.
So if you know to use words well
it's not just that hard a sell.

While cricketers may lose their dash,
and businessmen their loads of cash,
wordsmiths never lose their hold,
at any age, very young  or old.

So if you must  post dire  warning
against anyone  night and morning,
just make  it only about those,
talented in poetry, as also sparkling prose.

 For It's words that get me every time,
be they in prose or elegant rhyme
and, it's words that'll  always get to me,
for as long as I can ever foresee!!!

Then again, I should probably have named this post 'Wordly unwise'.  Wisdom would mean not falling prey to words!!

Edited to add: I mean no disrespect to any professional or profession. I have atleast one family member among all professions mentioned here! I do apologise for any hurt feelings.


  1. Words can heal or words can hurt
    They can be sweet or very curt
    Words can be true or may be false
    Can be found buried in old letters
    Or, in speeches, echo thru revered halls.
    But who could imagine they would start
    Unlocking the doors to a maiden's heart..!!

  2. Maybe not every maiden's heart
    but in some lives play a major part
    remember even sweet nothings
    are mere words, but express many things! :)


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