Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Frog Prince, retold.

 I heard this very long ago,
and you must have heard it too.
If you want to find a real prince,
this is what you must do.

You must go outdoors and look beneath,
each and every rock,
You may just find under one,
a handsome frog that can talk.

Even if he cannot talk,
just right then and there,
just persist in your endeavour,
it could happen anytime, anywhere.

There is that one more crucial step,
that makes him the prince of dreams.
You just have to kiss him on his lips
as that works magic it seems!

Like everything good in life and love,
there is a very tiny catch,
not every frog can be a prince,
even if found in a grassy patch.

So you may have to kiss many a frog,
before you find yourself a prince.
It is not a fail safe formula,
you have to work out  some of the kinks!!

P.S. There is a foot note to all of this.
It may also work out the other way.
He who appears to be a prince,
may turn into a frog after the wedding day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The problem with choices.

The more you live,  the more you learn,
of life, how it should be.
Hindsight is such a lovely thing,
always twenty/twenty.

And yet I wonder would it be,
that  which we see with such clarity,
if we changed anything in our past,
would things be what we wish for, exactly?

In the warp and weft of life,
if some threads had just not been the same?
Could we replace one building block
with another, in life's frame?

We are all exactly who we are,
due just to what happened in our past.
There is no quick and easy way,
learning comes from experiences passed.

Choosing any differently,
from those myriad paths back then,
would have led to another life,
and also a very different person.

That person with different perspective,
on things, the way they are now.
So choosing completely different blocks,
might not have made a difference anyhow.

Just like the pieces of a jigsaw,
the puzzle is about how they all fit,
You cannot remove just any piece,
and replace it with a different bit.

There is no way to nip and tuck,
the parts you wish had never been,
or just to tack on another part,
to what is already existing.

That is what is the hardest thing,
about hindsight of twenty/ twenty.
No matter how clear and simple it seems,
you cannot alter just some things, or do them differently!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I would often hear, I resemble her,
and that would make me smile.
Cause I always have admired her,
and her ability to go the extra mile.

But something I heard the other day,
did stop me in my track,
seemingly coming from my mouth,
the echoes of thoughts from far back.

It was the first I heard my mom,
speaking her mind through me,
I couldn't believe the words I'd said,
were the ones, when young, I would flee.

It happened again quite often,
especially with children, my flesh and bone,
my tongue would move, my mouth open,
but the words never sound my own.

'Be careful', 'Dont be late', 'No you cannot',
are the ones you could  let go,
but to my horror, I even heard,
'because I'm the mom and I say so'!

The lines I hear, I have heard before,
in conversations of long ago.
Those hated words, I rebelled against,
are sadly now, part of my own lingo.

Why is it that the more things change,
the more they stay the same?
What you swore never to do,
you repeat the picture, frame by frame.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ride to reversal

She kept asking me questions,
about places we were driving by,
and whenever she got it right,
sat back with a contented sigh.

Then claiming she was hungry,
looked through what we had bought.
Not liking any thing that was there,
complained, that her likes we forgot.

With some coaxing and cajoling,
she reluctantly did agree,
grumbling that for the next time,
things she liked there better be.

Mid way through the complaints,
everything seemed to fall all quiet.
Glancing round, I saw her,
asleep, slumped slightly to the side.

As we reached, she did wake.
and sit up with a start.
She got out of the vehicle then,
and walked slowly down the cobbled path.

Watching her move slowly away,
a thought struck me there and then.
Sleep, food, rest and other habits,
she had taught me, what and when.

With time, we had indeed done a flip,
the 'mother' now, had been once the child.
Roles reversed, her welfare now,
seemed for me to decide.

Maybe rooted in that childhood,
were seeds of things to come.
The echoes of what you once were told,
now just repeated in a rhythmic hum.

Teaching you to handle life,
do they lose a grip on their own?
Does a parent become a child again,
when their child is fully grown?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demons of the mind

Has any thing been so important,
it set your world ablaze?
In the explosions that followed,
you lost track of time and space.

Have you ever heard any such thing,
 you felt like curling  up into a ball?
Or maybe it just  made you,
want to hit your head on the wall.

At a time when everything did seem,
to be at an abysmal low,
and each and every heart beat,
felt like a deathly blow.

It took root so deeply within in,
you could not anything else contain.
You so wanted to shout it out,
you almost burst with pain.

You shared it with like minded friends,
they stared at you aghast,
it must have seemed to them right then,
you had lost your mind at last.

The laughter seemed demented,
and the tears just refused to flow,
you could not remember anything  you said,
it mattered not any more.

We all have our very own,
demons, we need  to vanquish.
They take over our minds and souls,
never ever letting go, refusing to vanish.

It could be something that you did
that causes you the anguish,
or something that was left undone,
just some thoughts you cannot banish.

Time and tide may calm the fire,
and stem the meaningless words,
but somethings will always haunt you,
in this and other worlds!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Red roses and brown rice.

A question that's bothered me,
almost all my grown up life.
If you've ever been a girlfriend,
should you end up as a wife?

When in love with some one
you are at your very best.
Just say the final 'I do'
you'll put that love to the test.

Eyes that burned ever so bright,
just for a glimpse of you,
may have their fire even now,
only for a TV match to view.

Every time your eyes met then,
there was an explosion of sparks.
The explosions just continue,
On who's responsible for the children's marks.

If  it was red roses then,
now its just salt and brown rice.
Getting home the groceries,
takes the edge away from love's spice.

On his knees, he once did fall
to declare his love you.
Now he cannot even to rise to his feet,
for a bit of shopping to do.

"To have and to hold, forever and forever,
I want you" he had said,
Now on a balmy night you hear him say,
"Can you move over to your side of the bed?"

Where lightning bolts once coursed through him,
at just your merest touch,
now move him shake him, do what you will,
he snores just as much.

So if you are a beloved girlfriend now,
it may not be so wise,
to get a tag of Mrs.,
at so  heavy a price!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Booster shots!!

One two, pick up your shoe,
and bring it to you.

Three four, he can do even more
if you're keeping score.

Five six , he can learn new tricks
beyond picking up sticks.

Seven eight, he can even bite,
the escaping thieves with all his might.

Nine ten, he's best friend to all men,
no questions asked, why or when?!!

There is more to a pup named booster
He is just waiting to find the right master!

In times such as these,
Can you ask for a better deal.
than adoration guaranteed,
just for the price of a meal??!!.

So if you want a best friend
who is a real live wire,
Just take him home,
of his company you'll never tire.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrities and how!

If you felt that name and fame,
are very difficult to gain.
It takes hard word work
and talent too and at times even pain.

The world is topsy turvy now,
we live in an interesting time,
to make it to the celeb list,
you just have to commit a crime.

It could be something as simple,
as having a very foul mouth.
The better do your chances look,
the more you are uncouth.

Then there is the crime of choice,
the money grabbing scam,
you could be the highbrow politico,
your good works all a sham.

At the  top there is no place,
for those of the weak of heart.
You must be ready to kill or maim,
and then play it media smart.

If any of this you can  do,
then you have every chance,
to be on popular reality shows,
to be made much of, a regular song and dance.

The more you break the rules,
the higher you can climb.
The glamour and the glitz,
seems to strongly, adhere to the slime.

So if you thought that name and fame,
were very hard to gain.
just go out there and do something,
just completely insane!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Four letter words in marriage!!

Marriage is the leading cause,
for divorces they say.
Its what you say, when married,
that causes splits every day.

Some marriages do dissolve,
because so little is ever said.
After saying "I do"
both reach a conversational end.

What is more common though,
the words that wrongly flow.
as about the daily business,
of life the partners go.

Marriages would be successful,
with four letter words a few,
If you still are a sceptic,
it can be proved to you.

The words most bandied about
commonly are these,
"I did all the house 'work' today,
tomorrow its your 'turn', please."

There are even tougher words.
that in togetherness rip many a hole,
Like 'wash', 'iron', 'wipe' and 'dust',
hardly music  to the soul.

Some words you will never say,
till in a marriage you are stuck.
'Kids', 'pick' up and 'drop' off too,
each one tries to pass the buck.

Then there is that daily event,
seemingly  oh so, sensual,
a great delight before you wed,
'cook'  becomes a boring daily ritual.

The four letter word in marriage,
that many often forget,
is like a unique mantra,
that we lose and then regret.

'Love' is what goes missing,
in the daily routine,
just a bit in the daily mix,
and the marriage gets a sheen.
So now you know its important,
to know the influence of words.
Too many of the four letter ones,
and it could end up in divorce!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Father's day.

She did not know how it all began,
she was not even out there,
but it must seem they wanted her,
for they lavished every care.

As a child very young,
she was told she looked like him,
Not that much she could recall,
her memory of the time was  rather dim.

From what she could remember now ,
to her he appeared  rather large,
and what he said was what they did,
he seemed to be in  complete charge.

It was a time when moms were moms,
and dads were, well just "Dad".
They kept a stiff upper lip
all emotions in control, iron clad.

At the dinner table they would talk,
it was a conversational rule.
All the happenings of that day,
how she was faring at school.

In college too, when friends came home,
he just left them with a nod,
It was for her mother then,
to ask about happenings, probe and prod.

 As an adult, she knew he would never approve,
of some of what she felt.
She hoped that he would understand,
that some day he would melt.

The silence and her life went on,
and daily challenges were met.
Work she liked and a family,
her goals she did set.

Her family and the work she did,
kept her fully engrossed.
Her children's father, would communicate,
she knew at any cost.

When she found some time to call,
or visit her elderly folks,
time seemed to just fly by.
in old memories and some old jokes.

Then one night, a call came late,
that shattered the silence and her regular life.
Her father had just passed away,
the pain cut through like a knife.

Just like how he had never said,
how he felt about them all.
Now she realized she had not confessed,
her love for him at all.

That night when she went to bed,
she hugged her children  tight.
And in the whispering breeze just then,
she heard him as he sighed!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Twice the fun!!

This middle aged man from Pune,
wanted to double his joys in life.
Not content with just the one,
he got himself a second wife.

In the beginning all was rosy red,
till the first one got to know,
then all hell did break lose,
he just had no where to go.

The first one fixed the penalty,
that he would have to pay,
her mother, as well as the second one's,
would move in with them, to stay.

What he forgot to consider,
when hoping the joy would double,
every thing else would also be twice as much,
including mother-in-law trouble.

So if you ever have wondered how,
it's to have two women wait on you,
just remember with every woman,
her mother comes along too!!

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