Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrities and how!

If you felt that name and fame,
are very difficult to gain.
It takes hard word work
and talent too and at times even pain.

The world is topsy turvy now,
we live in an interesting time,
to make it to the celeb list,
you just have to commit a crime.

It could be something as simple,
as having a very foul mouth.
The better do your chances look,
the more you are uncouth.

Then there is the crime of choice,
the money grabbing scam,
you could be the highbrow politico,
your good works all a sham.

At the  top there is no place,
for those of the weak of heart.
You must be ready to kill or maim,
and then play it media smart.

If any of this you can  do,
then you have every chance,
to be on popular reality shows,
to be made much of, a regular song and dance.

The more you break the rules,
the higher you can climb.
The glamour and the glitz,
seems to strongly, adhere to the slime.

So if you thought that name and fame,
were very hard to gain.
just go out there and do something,
just completely insane!!

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