Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demons of the mind

Has any thing been so important,
it set your world ablaze?
In the explosions that followed,
you lost track of time and space.

Have you ever heard any such thing,
 you felt like curling  up into a ball?
Or maybe it just  made you,
want to hit your head on the wall.

At a time when everything did seem,
to be at an abysmal low,
and each and every heart beat,
felt like a deathly blow.

It took root so deeply within in,
you could not anything else contain.
You so wanted to shout it out,
you almost burst with pain.

You shared it with like minded friends,
they stared at you aghast,
it must have seemed to them right then,
you had lost your mind at last.

The laughter seemed demented,
and the tears just refused to flow,
you could not remember anything  you said,
it mattered not any more.

We all have our very own,
demons, we need  to vanquish.
They take over our minds and souls,
never ever letting go, refusing to vanish.

It could be something that you did
that causes you the anguish,
or something that was left undone,
just some thoughts you cannot banish.

Time and tide may calm the fire,
and stem the meaningless words,
but somethings will always haunt you,
in this and other worlds!

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