Saturday, July 2, 2011

Father's day.

She did not know how it all began,
she was not even out there,
but it must seem they wanted her,
for they lavished every care.

As a child very young,
she was told she looked like him,
Not that much she could recall,
her memory of the time was  rather dim.

From what she could remember now ,
to her he appeared  rather large,
and what he said was what they did,
he seemed to be in  complete charge.

It was a time when moms were moms,
and dads were, well just "Dad".
They kept a stiff upper lip
all emotions in control, iron clad.

At the dinner table they would talk,
it was a conversational rule.
All the happenings of that day,
how she was faring at school.

In college too, when friends came home,
he just left them with a nod,
It was for her mother then,
to ask about happenings, probe and prod.

 As an adult, she knew he would never approve,
of some of what she felt.
She hoped that he would understand,
that some day he would melt.

The silence and her life went on,
and daily challenges were met.
Work she liked and a family,
her goals she did set.

Her family and the work she did,
kept her fully engrossed.
Her children's father, would communicate,
she knew at any cost.

When she found some time to call,
or visit her elderly folks,
time seemed to just fly by.
in old memories and some old jokes.

Then one night, a call came late,
that shattered the silence and her regular life.
Her father had just passed away,
the pain cut through like a knife.

Just like how he had never said,
how he felt about them all.
Now she realized she had not confessed,
her love for him at all.

That night when she went to bed,
she hugged her children  tight.
And in the whispering breeze just then,
she heard him as he sighed!!


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