Monday, July 4, 2011

Four letter words in marriage!!

Marriage is the leading cause,
for divorces they say.
Its what you say, when married,
that causes splits every day.

Some marriages do dissolve,
because so little is ever said.
After saying "I do"
both reach a conversational end.

What is more common though,
the words that wrongly flow.
as about the daily business,
of life the partners go.

Marriages would be successful,
with four letter words a few,
If you still are a sceptic,
it can be proved to you.

The words most bandied about
commonly are these,
"I did all the house 'work' today,
tomorrow its your 'turn', please."

There are even tougher words.
that in togetherness rip many a hole,
Like 'wash', 'iron', 'wipe' and 'dust',
hardly music  to the soul.

Some words you will never say,
till in a marriage you are stuck.
'Kids', 'pick' up and 'drop' off too,
each one tries to pass the buck.

Then there is that daily event,
seemingly  oh so, sensual,
a great delight before you wed,
'cook'  becomes a boring daily ritual.

The four letter word in marriage,
that many often forget,
is like a unique mantra,
that we lose and then regret.

'Love' is what goes missing,
in the daily routine,
just a bit in the daily mix,
and the marriage gets a sheen.
So now you know its important,
to know the influence of words.
Too many of the four letter ones,
and it could end up in divorce!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Good poetry! Apart from being well written, I was waiting in anticipation for the 4 letter words.... and the poem lived upto the expectation both in humour and meaning. Enjoyed it


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