Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Frog Prince, retold.

 I heard this very long ago,
and you must have heard it too.
If you want to find a real prince,
this is what you must do.

You must go outdoors and look beneath,
each and every rock,
You may just find under one,
a handsome frog that can talk.

Even if he cannot talk,
just right then and there,
just persist in your endeavour,
it could happen anytime, anywhere.

There is that one more crucial step,
that makes him the prince of dreams.
You just have to kiss him on his lips
as that works magic it seems!

Like everything good in life and love,
there is a very tiny catch,
not every frog can be a prince,
even if found in a grassy patch.

So you may have to kiss many a frog,
before you find yourself a prince.
It is not a fail safe formula,
you have to work out  some of the kinks!!

P.S. There is a foot note to all of this.
It may also work out the other way.
He who appears to be a prince,
may turn into a frog after the wedding day.

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