Saturday, July 23, 2011

The problem with choices.

The more you live,  the more you learn,
of life, how it should be.
Hindsight is such a lovely thing,
always twenty/twenty.

And yet I wonder would it be,
that  which we see with such clarity,
if we changed anything in our past,
would things be what we wish for, exactly?

In the warp and weft of life,
if some threads had just not been the same?
Could we replace one building block
with another, in life's frame?

We are all exactly who we are,
due just to what happened in our past.
There is no quick and easy way,
learning comes from experiences passed.

Choosing any differently,
from those myriad paths back then,
would have led to another life,
and also a very different person.

That person with different perspective,
on things, the way they are now.
So choosing completely different blocks,
might not have made a difference anyhow.

Just like the pieces of a jigsaw,
the puzzle is about how they all fit,
You cannot remove just any piece,
and replace it with a different bit.

There is no way to nip and tuck,
the parts you wish had never been,
or just to tack on another part,
to what is already existing.

That is what is the hardest thing,
about hindsight of twenty/ twenty.
No matter how clear and simple it seems,
you cannot alter just some things, or do them differently!

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