Friday, July 8, 2011

Red roses and brown rice.

A question that's bothered me,
almost all my grown up life.
If you've ever been a girlfriend,
should you end up as a wife?

When in love with some one
you are at your very best.
Just say the final 'I do'
you'll put that love to the test.

Eyes that burned ever so bright,
just for a glimpse of you,
may have their fire even now,
only for a TV match to view.

Every time your eyes met then,
there was an explosion of sparks.
The explosions just continue,
On who's responsible for the children's marks.

If  it was red roses then,
now its just salt and brown rice.
Getting home the groceries,
takes the edge away from love's spice.

On his knees, he once did fall
to declare his love you.
Now he cannot even to rise to his feet,
for a bit of shopping to do.

"To have and to hold, forever and forever,
I want you" he had said,
Now on a balmy night you hear him say,
"Can you move over to your side of the bed?"

Where lightning bolts once coursed through him,
at just your merest touch,
now move him shake him, do what you will,
he snores just as much.

So if you are a beloved girlfriend now,
it may not be so wise,
to get a tag of Mrs.,
at so  heavy a price!!

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