Friday, July 1, 2011

Twice the fun!!

This middle aged man from Pune,
wanted to double his joys in life.
Not content with just the one,
he got himself a second wife.

In the beginning all was rosy red,
till the first one got to know,
then all hell did break lose,
he just had no where to go.

The first one fixed the penalty,
that he would have to pay,
her mother, as well as the second one's,
would move in with them, to stay.

What he forgot to consider,
when hoping the joy would double,
every thing else would also be twice as much,
including mother-in-law trouble.

So if you ever have wondered how,
it's to have two women wait on you,
just remember with every woman,
her mother comes along too!!


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  2. I always say behind every successful woman there is another woman. In this case he has double joy.


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