Monday, August 29, 2011

Hidden treasure.

Have you ever stored away,
a feeling like it were a rare treasure?
So precious, you felt you must,
examine it at leisure.

Almost as if viewing it in public,
soils it somewhat.
As if it were a rare and beautiful,
irreplaceable work of art

It could be a feeling,
a thought or an emotion,
something that was said to you,
or even just a notion.
You hoard it like a miser,
taking it out with great care,
gloating over it a for just a bit,
with the rest of the world unaware.

It may be a well kept secret,
or something that all do know,
but the meaning that it holds for you,
does not to others show.

That delight you felt when your baby,
first called you mother,
or that moment when you first realized,
that you were deeply loved by another.

What makes it even more precious,
is that it feels like custom made.
It warms and comforts only you,
that feeling nothing can abrade.

It may just make you feel,
loved more or just wanted,
remind  you of the good times,
and in life's lows,to go on undaunted.

No matter what else money can buy,
it cannot match such a feeling,
the strength of such emotions,
give life its very meaning.

Joys may grow on sharing,
and sorrows may diminish,
but there are some such feelings,
that are only our own to cherish!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A childhood dream

As he sat beside those pots,
made out of mud and clay,
he seemed to meld right in,
in that earthy array.

Young and strong and eager to help,
he carried and he fetched,
and did exactly as he was bid,
covered  in dusty rusty red.

He seemed so quick on his feet,
and sharp with cost and price.
He seemed to have everything on finger tips,
in dealing with all so wise.

Impressed with his winning ways,
she had got him  books to read,
to replace the ones she'd seen him with,
all tattered and dog eared.

Excited at receiving gifts,
that he had never expected to,
he flipped through them,
putting them away, profusely thanked her too.

Smilingly she asked him if,
he would, a story to her read,
He could not read, he said dismayed,
or else he would have hastily agreed.

At school? she asked,
wondering how he could have missed it out.
He shook his head and said simply,
'Work and earn for family I can't do without.'

To her great surprise, he confessed,
he'd never been inside a school.
The books, he said, were just his dream,
someday he hoped to learn to read up whole.

Learning comes all through life,
but school, friends, teachers;  happy childhood for all.
Losing a childhood dream is sad,
but imagine having no childhood at all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Luck by chance!!

You can never say if you are lucky or not,
till you are dead and done.
You cannot be sure of what you've gained or lost.
till beyond the grave you're gone.

If  you don't get what you think,
is for you, the very best,
you might feel very low right then,
but with greater happiness be blessed.

There is an Indian fable,
that tells this very well.
Its about this king who got injured,
when off his horse he fell.

It was all so frustrating,
the  pain  and the discomfort.
It put him in a terrible temper,
every movement a terrible effort.

Not only did he curse his fate,
he also had all those fired,
who said it just might be a blessing,
no matter what transpired.

So full of pity for himself,
he was lost to all good sense,
he fell right into a trap,
making the situation more tense.

A sacrificial offering to the gods,
he seemed  certain to be,
his fate was almost sealed,
when they chanced his injuries to see.

Finding him less than perfect,
as an offering has to be,
they did not go through with it,
and right then set him free.

In pain, but full of gratitude,
for escaping a fate so terrible,
he made it back to his palace,
as soon as he was able.

Right away he called a meeting,
and summoning those he had fired,
apologized profusely for his conduct,
with humility newly acquired.

He said he saw the wisdom,
in what  they had advised.
How even adversity can be,
a blessing, well disguised.

So the next time you are tempted,
to say things never go your way,
remember this story,
and know for sure, you can never say!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Theme for a dream.

In soft day light,
that seems almost hesitant to intrude,
the rumpled bed, the sound of rain,
setting a mellow mood.

Neither awake, nor asleep,
in so beautiful a daze.
It could only be a dream,
one of those a rose tinted days.

The arm flung so carelessly,
seems almost by accident,
it encounters the bare skin,
in a gesture most eloquent.

Cocooned in a careless hug,
that tells so much, many different things,
of passion, of whispered sweet nothings,
when time just flies on wings.

It tells of  times spent together,
of familiarity and of love,
of promises of  more to come,
or  just of contentment for now.

It seems so very precious,
a different coming together,
stillness and calm saying so much more.
than all the words can, ever!

If there was ever a theme for a dream,
it would be this, right here.
Some times in life and in love,
its the simple, you most desire.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The gender story

Life begins just the same,
no matter what your gender.
Boy or girl,aren't they all the same,
in ways that really matter?

They blossom and flourish,
with tender love and care,
and wilt into nothingness,
if they don't get their fair share.

They have the same milestones too,
as they sit, talk and crawl,
falling, crying and smiling,
as they follow nature's rule.

As they grow, they aspire,
to the very same things.
acceptance and belonging,
some roots and some wings.

They seem to grow up different,
because they are told to be that way.
Our fears and hopes change them,
with every passing day.

Why do we mostly choose,
to seek and find the difference,
even when they are all the same,
in their very essence?

The differences that seem so apparent,
and create a great divide,
are necessary to complete the whole,
not one can be cast aside.

Those who treat them differently,
based just on their gender,
forget nature's basic rule,
if you have one, you still need the other!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the future

If only we could end up,
where we should have begun,
if life just went full circle,
tracing back through it's run..

Imagine what it would be like,
if life were in reverse,
knowing all that we could know,
master situations most perverse.

Our future would be in the past,
which would make it easier to see,
based on how we are at that point,
can predict what happened to be.

Growing older and then wiser,
is not really of much use.
If  only one had wisdom to start with,
bad choices to refuse.

Mother, friend or lover,
become better with advancing age,
if experience and wisdom were from the start,
no one would need advice sage.

Would it not be for the best,
if we could turn life on its head,
be born old knowing all,
growing young as each day into another led.

It would be twice as good,
to have youth and wisdom side by side,
as often we have just the one,
while the other one does hide.

Its such a waste of wisdom,
to have it at the end,
if one could just live backwards,
there might be lot less to repent!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sugar and spice

Little girls are made of sugar and spice,
and also all things very nice,
but what they will be, when grown up,
is hard to predict, even if one tries.

Does the sugar crystallize
and become hardened over time?
or does the spice become  fine,
and heady like fine wine.

It all depends on what happens,
as life rumbles on,
exactly what she deals with,
each night and every morn.

Love and encouragement,
sweeten and mellow spice,
bringing to all she touches,
grace and love always.

Should the spirit be broken,
with harsh words and lack of care,
the sugar hardens rock like,
ensuring a lifelong nightmare.

When the hand that rocks the cradle,
is treated with disdain,
no matter what else happens,
for all, there will be great pain.

P.S.Thinking about some helpless innocent,
ill treated for being a girl,
makes the blood boil,
and sends the head into a whirl.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I don't protest!

Last evening I was at the protest rally in Pune. And if anyone does not know what rally ...  the protest rally was in support of Anna Hazare and his campaign against corruption. I do not know if we need another body to police anyone, but I know that we each have the right to peaceful protest. That a government of the people for the people and by the people could imprison their own, in one of it's most notorious prisons, is an absolute 'no no' in my book.

The newspaper puts the count at thirty thousand people. What is amazing is that it was completely peaceful, without incident and 'clean' as one young girl put it.. All those youngsters,... it was mostly them.. gender no bar, from every corner of Pune,  brought together for their country, as they put it. One young girl said "hum nahin karenge, toh kaun karega?" For all those who lament about the  blase, know it all, generation who would not lift a finger for anyone else, you were in for a surprise. It was wonderful to see  so many youngsters, all very charged by the cause.  They seemed clear on why they were there as well. It would not be business as usual for them  they claimed. Not everyone at the rally may become a model citizen overnight, but this seems to have given a hook for some change. they said they would never again pay the small bribes which do not even seem to be bribes anymore.. like the one given for recovering impounded vehicles. They pucca promised that they would rather pay the challan money to the right authorities, even if it meant paying more. They said they would vote the next time, so they could have a voice. It has made them politically and socially aware and galvanised them into action.All of which augur well for democracy.Even if not everyone changes, some will!

I was born after India gained independence, but this gave a hazy glimpse into what it might have been, bound together by a common cause. It cut across boundaries of caste, community, religion language, education and even political leanings..... There were national flags everywhere, even painted on cheeks.  The lokpal , how it helps, who it helps, whether it helps  is yet to come.. but this has definitely united people as nothing else before it, since independence. I was witnessing unity in diversity last evening. Whatever happens next .. the bonding is a definite victory! So never mind which side you are on, and whether you think Anna Hazare is right or wrong.. whether you agree with his method or not... there is something in it for everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Measure of love

It is not a very common thing,
that anyone ever thinks about,
but if we ever have to measure love,
just how exactly do we work it out?

How can we ever, ever know,
the love anyone says they do.
Mother, brother, lover, friend,
all swear to the love most true.

It's easier when we are born to it,
we have never a reason for doubt.
But those who choose to let us in their hearts,
we feel  not so sure about.

Why is blood so much more thick,
than those gossamer bonds of the soul?
We are so afraid that it might not be,
we are even willing to let go of it all.

We listen to every cautionary tale,
that everyone narrates,
and with every story that could be one's own,
the fear just accelerates.

How sad is it, that when the trust,
 is so hard to give,
we walk away from a wonderful world,
that may be all that we need to live.

Some times the price that we pay for a win,
may be the greatest loss of them all.
Even when you have just about everything,
what is missing may eat into the soul.

So when those strangers walk into your life,
claiming to be friends or lovers for life,
even though there is no way to ensure,
let not those doubts ever run rife.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Black, white or grey

A thought that has been following me,
there is no way I can shake it,
You could even think of it as advice,
and just go ahead and take it.

Things that I felt absolutely sure of,
but a few years ago,
I am not so certain now,
if I am right anymore.

It has been just a few years when,
all the answers seemed so clear and bright,
Now I am not so sure,
 if I even had all the questions right.

I was so certain I had it all figured out,
and knew what I wanted from my life.
If I just followed a well set road map,
the ride would be smooth and without strife.

I once knew exactly,
 just what was good for me,
what for me was wrong or right,
and precisely what should never be.

Every thing in black and white,
not a single grey in sight,
feeling smug and better,
than those who did not get it right.

With time and life I realized,
though beautiful on paper and print,
black and white are almost never there in life,
with its vibrant hues and some grey tint.

Like happens with road maps everywhere,
there were detours I did not foresee,
or maybe I did not even know,
how a road map has to be.

That is not to say that there should,
never ever be a plan,
or directions to follow
or make a road map if you can.

There will always be those,
who know exactly what they want,
what they believe, what they do,
and exactly what they can't.

As for me, one thing I know now,
unlike some time ago,
to live life to its fullest,
the black and white has to be let go!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie magic

If this world was a huge movie set,
wouldn't it be so wonderful?
Every time we wanted to,
we could just play another role.

You could play the hero,
that every one wants to be.
or be a wickedest villain,
the world could never before see.

If you really feel so strongly,
remake the story that you love,
write the script the way you want it,
change it anyway, anyhow.

Change the set, mix it up,
go for a different look,
or just turn everything on it's head,
after throwing out the book.

You could ride a dragon breathing fire
if that were your fantasy,
and then move on, as pirates do,
looking for treasure and mermaids in the sea.

You could even fall in love,
with anyone more than once,
in the tenderest way ever possible,
just imagine who you could romance.

If you ever miss your cues,
on how you must react,
you can go back and do it again,
till its right on track.

You could keep just the good parts,
and do everything else in retakes.
If this world was a movie set,
rewind, erase and discard all your mistakes!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

True love and more

 In the times of bad economies, bad cricket, scams and demented politicians, here is a feel good story. A young six year old who ended up with a man who changed his own life to accommodate this foundling. In the beginning of the story, there was this child who wandered away from  his alcoholic father's drinking spree to end up with a man who had a small tea stall. Images of young boys used as unpaid slaves may spring to the mind, like that of young Moin who died at the hands of his uncle because he could not make beedis fast enough to satisfy his uncle's greed. Aiku Lal was however the man to go to if you are a lost child.

After the advertisements on local channels did not bring any claims, Aiku took charge of the child Akbar, and became his guardian sending him to school and doing all that a parent should. The only thing he did not do was name the child, opting instead to keep the child's name  and religion as it was. He also decided not to get married as he did not want any problems a spouse might have with the child.

When the biological parents found about the child, three years later, they wanted the child back, but by then even the child did not want to return to them. They accused Aiku of using their son as  bonded labour which he disproved in a court. Now the battle for the boy continues and he gets his chance to say what he wants. More such stories in the news would be such a wonderful thing. Who says true love does not exist??

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