Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the future

If only we could end up,
where we should have begun,
if life just went full circle,
tracing back through it's run..

Imagine what it would be like,
if life were in reverse,
knowing all that we could know,
master situations most perverse.

Our future would be in the past,
which would make it easier to see,
based on how we are at that point,
can predict what happened to be.

Growing older and then wiser,
is not really of much use.
If  only one had wisdom to start with,
bad choices to refuse.

Mother, friend or lover,
become better with advancing age,
if experience and wisdom were from the start,
no one would need advice sage.

Would it not be for the best,
if we could turn life on its head,
be born old knowing all,
growing young as each day into another led.

It would be twice as good,
to have youth and wisdom side by side,
as often we have just the one,
while the other one does hide.

Its such a waste of wisdom,
to have it at the end,
if one could just live backwards,
there might be lot less to repent!

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