Monday, August 15, 2011

Black, white or grey

A thought that has been following me,
there is no way I can shake it,
You could even think of it as advice,
and just go ahead and take it.

Things that I felt absolutely sure of,
but a few years ago,
I am not so certain now,
if I am right anymore.

It has been just a few years when,
all the answers seemed so clear and bright,
Now I am not so sure,
 if I even had all the questions right.

I was so certain I had it all figured out,
and knew what I wanted from my life.
If I just followed a well set road map,
the ride would be smooth and without strife.

I once knew exactly,
 just what was good for me,
what for me was wrong or right,
and precisely what should never be.

Every thing in black and white,
not a single grey in sight,
feeling smug and better,
than those who did not get it right.

With time and life I realized,
though beautiful on paper and print,
black and white are almost never there in life,
with its vibrant hues and some grey tint.

Like happens with road maps everywhere,
there were detours I did not foresee,
or maybe I did not even know,
how a road map has to be.

That is not to say that there should,
never ever be a plan,
or directions to follow
or make a road map if you can.

There will always be those,
who know exactly what they want,
what they believe, what they do,
and exactly what they can't.

As for me, one thing I know now,
unlike some time ago,
to live life to its fullest,
the black and white has to be let go!

1 comment:

  1. So poignant; so beautifully reflects my state of mind.
    Reading the poem, I am caught by surprise ( there are others who feel the same) , its as if mists cleared....
    No wonder poetry is so so necessary in our lives. What we cannot articulate, feel alone in the confusion, a poets words makes us feel one with the world.

    "It has been just a few years when,
    all the answers seemed so clear and bright,
    Now I am not so sure,
    if I even had all the questions right." These lines especially appealed to me.

    Thank you; Mridu


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