Monday, August 22, 2011

The gender story

Life begins just the same,
no matter what your gender.
Boy or girl,aren't they all the same,
in ways that really matter?

They blossom and flourish,
with tender love and care,
and wilt into nothingness,
if they don't get their fair share.

They have the same milestones too,
as they sit, talk and crawl,
falling, crying and smiling,
as they follow nature's rule.

As they grow, they aspire,
to the very same things.
acceptance and belonging,
some roots and some wings.

They seem to grow up different,
because they are told to be that way.
Our fears and hopes change them,
with every passing day.

Why do we mostly choose,
to seek and find the difference,
even when they are all the same,
in their very essence?

The differences that seem so apparent,
and create a great divide,
are necessary to complete the whole,
not one can be cast aside.

Those who treat them differently,
based just on their gender,
forget nature's basic rule,
if you have one, you still need the other!

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