Monday, August 29, 2011

Hidden treasure.

Have you ever stored away,
a feeling like it were a rare treasure?
So precious, you felt you must,
examine it at leisure.

Almost as if viewing it in public,
soils it somewhat.
As if it were a rare and beautiful,
irreplaceable work of art

It could be a feeling,
a thought or an emotion,
something that was said to you,
or even just a notion.
You hoard it like a miser,
taking it out with great care,
gloating over it a for just a bit,
with the rest of the world unaware.

It may be a well kept secret,
or something that all do know,
but the meaning that it holds for you,
does not to others show.

That delight you felt when your baby,
first called you mother,
or that moment when you first realized,
that you were deeply loved by another.

What makes it even more precious,
is that it feels like custom made.
It warms and comforts only you,
that feeling nothing can abrade.

It may just make you feel,
loved more or just wanted,
remind  you of the good times,
and in life's lows,to go on undaunted.

No matter what else money can buy,
it cannot match such a feeling,
the strength of such emotions,
give life its very meaning.

Joys may grow on sharing,
and sorrows may diminish,
but there are some such feelings,
that are only our own to cherish!

1 comment:

  1. Wish we could hold onto the feeling. With passage of time, it starts fading like the favourite perfume on your saree and then one day you smell and smell your saree and its not there -- just the memory of it. And one feels so sad


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