Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie magic

If this world was a huge movie set,
wouldn't it be so wonderful?
Every time we wanted to,
we could just play another role.

You could play the hero,
that every one wants to be.
or be a wickedest villain,
the world could never before see.

If you really feel so strongly,
remake the story that you love,
write the script the way you want it,
change it anyway, anyhow.

Change the set, mix it up,
go for a different look,
or just turn everything on it's head,
after throwing out the book.

You could ride a dragon breathing fire
if that were your fantasy,
and then move on, as pirates do,
looking for treasure and mermaids in the sea.

You could even fall in love,
with anyone more than once,
in the tenderest way ever possible,
just imagine who you could romance.

If you ever miss your cues,
on how you must react,
you can go back and do it again,
till its right on track.

You could keep just the good parts,
and do everything else in retakes.
If this world was a movie set,
rewind, erase and discard all your mistakes!

1 comment:

  1. It is so strange reading the poem because guess what! I have tried this in the past few months.... Unlike in childhood, imagination is so anchored to reality.. that I am unable to relpace facts with fiction in most instances however much I want to in the hope of experiencing in my mind what I have not in real life.


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