Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Luck by chance!!

You can never say if you are lucky or not,
till you are dead and done.
You cannot be sure of what you've gained or lost.
till beyond the grave you're gone.

If  you don't get what you think,
is for you, the very best,
you might feel very low right then,
but with greater happiness be blessed.

There is an Indian fable,
that tells this very well.
Its about this king who got injured,
when off his horse he fell.

It was all so frustrating,
the  pain  and the discomfort.
It put him in a terrible temper,
every movement a terrible effort.

Not only did he curse his fate,
he also had all those fired,
who said it just might be a blessing,
no matter what transpired.

So full of pity for himself,
he was lost to all good sense,
he fell right into a trap,
making the situation more tense.

A sacrificial offering to the gods,
he seemed  certain to be,
his fate was almost sealed,
when they chanced his injuries to see.

Finding him less than perfect,
as an offering has to be,
they did not go through with it,
and right then set him free.

In pain, but full of gratitude,
for escaping a fate so terrible,
he made it back to his palace,
as soon as he was able.

Right away he called a meeting,
and summoning those he had fired,
apologized profusely for his conduct,
with humility newly acquired.

He said he saw the wisdom,
in what  they had advised.
How even adversity can be,
a blessing, well disguised.

So the next time you are tempted,
to say things never go your way,
remember this story,
and know for sure, you can never say!!

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