Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Measure of love

It is not a very common thing,
that anyone ever thinks about,
but if we ever have to measure love,
just how exactly do we work it out?

How can we ever, ever know,
the love anyone says they do.
Mother, brother, lover, friend,
all swear to the love most true.

It's easier when we are born to it,
we have never a reason for doubt.
But those who choose to let us in their hearts,
we feel  not so sure about.

Why is blood so much more thick,
than those gossamer bonds of the soul?
We are so afraid that it might not be,
we are even willing to let go of it all.

We listen to every cautionary tale,
that everyone narrates,
and with every story that could be one's own,
the fear just accelerates.

How sad is it, that when the trust,
 is so hard to give,
we walk away from a wonderful world,
that may be all that we need to live.

Some times the price that we pay for a win,
may be the greatest loss of them all.
Even when you have just about everything,
what is missing may eat into the soul.

So when those strangers walk into your life,
claiming to be friends or lovers for life,
even though there is no way to ensure,
let not those doubts ever run rife.

1 comment:

  1. Slide we do sometimes
    On such slippery slopes
    When we let fears rule our lives
    Rather than our hopes

    So dwell not on how genuine
    Someone's love is for you
    Go ahead and take the plunge
    If you think your love is true


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