Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sugar and spice

Little girls are made of sugar and spice,
and also all things very nice,
but what they will be, when grown up,
is hard to predict, even if one tries.

Does the sugar crystallize
and become hardened over time?
or does the spice become  fine,
and heady like fine wine.

It all depends on what happens,
as life rumbles on,
exactly what she deals with,
each night and every morn.

Love and encouragement,
sweeten and mellow spice,
bringing to all she touches,
grace and love always.

Should the spirit be broken,
with harsh words and lack of care,
the sugar hardens rock like,
ensuring a lifelong nightmare.

When the hand that rocks the cradle,
is treated with disdain,
no matter what else happens,
for all, there will be great pain.

P.S.Thinking about some helpless innocent,
ill treated for being a girl,
makes the blood boil,
and sends the head into a whirl.

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