Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Theme for a dream.

In soft day light,
that seems almost hesitant to intrude,
the rumpled bed, the sound of rain,
setting a mellow mood.

Neither awake, nor asleep,
in so beautiful a daze.
It could only be a dream,
one of those a rose tinted days.

The arm flung so carelessly,
seems almost by accident,
it encounters the bare skin,
in a gesture most eloquent.

Cocooned in a careless hug,
that tells so much, many different things,
of passion, of whispered sweet nothings,
when time just flies on wings.

It tells of  times spent together,
of familiarity and of love,
of promises of  more to come,
or  just of contentment for now.

It seems so very precious,
a different coming together,
stillness and calm saying so much more.
than all the words can, ever!

If there was ever a theme for a dream,
it would be this, right here.
Some times in life and in love,
its the simple, you most desire.

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