Thursday, August 11, 2011

True love and more

 In the times of bad economies, bad cricket, scams and demented politicians, here is a feel good story. A young six year old who ended up with a man who changed his own life to accommodate this foundling. In the beginning of the story, there was this child who wandered away from  his alcoholic father's drinking spree to end up with a man who had a small tea stall. Images of young boys used as unpaid slaves may spring to the mind, like that of young Moin who died at the hands of his uncle because he could not make beedis fast enough to satisfy his uncle's greed. Aiku Lal was however the man to go to if you are a lost child.

After the advertisements on local channels did not bring any claims, Aiku took charge of the child Akbar, and became his guardian sending him to school and doing all that a parent should. The only thing he did not do was name the child, opting instead to keep the child's name  and religion as it was. He also decided not to get married as he did not want any problems a spouse might have with the child.

When the biological parents found about the child, three years later, they wanted the child back, but by then even the child did not want to return to them. They accused Aiku of using their son as  bonded labour which he disproved in a court. Now the battle for the boy continues and he gets his chance to say what he wants. More such stories in the news would be such a wonderful thing. Who says true love does not exist??

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  1. I read this story too and was touched. So much good exists still in the world. And Aiku is not even rich; yet he did not think twice before about his meagre resources. God bless him



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