Friday, September 30, 2011

Words in stone.

This you may have heard before,
it is so oft repeated,
that sticks and stones, may break bones
but with words no hurt can be meted.

What strength do mere words have,
as compared to solid stone and stick?
They can always force a point home,
better than fragile words you hear and ink.

While one can't dispute the simple truth
that bones broken bones will ache,
the ache subsides in sometime,
if the right remedies you take.

On the other hand, the words we use everyday,
just slip quietly by,
so familiar, so many, so everywhere,
we ignore what they can do or deny.

But there are times when a simple word,
can change your very world.
A word can cause you to crash or soar,
depending on what you are told.

Words can cut deeper than swords,
to wounds that might never heal,
and even if they manage to,
the scars nothing can conceal.

Words can also act as salve,
to the bruised or broken spirit.
They can reach deep into the soul
and give it the greatest lift.

The power to hurt and the power to heal,
the power that words can wield.
While sticks and stones can only hurt,
words can fit every need !!

1 comment:

  1. There is so much to teach our kids, to ensure they embibe it -- yet we have structured clases and tests for information based learning and for the former we all are sailing alone -- learning as we teach.

    Wish we could benefit from anothers experience or pass on this learning as a teacher to another.



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