Sunday, October 30, 2011

Festive sheen

It was a very festive time of year,
that time to have it all.
Treats, lights and everything new,
for everyone, big and small.

Glitzy, glittery and shining new,
everyone was busy touting wares.
It was not about if you needed it or not,
but showing the world  you had umpteen spares.

In the middle of all the melee,
so out of place she did seem,
thin, waif like, almost  ethereal.
like glimpses from a forgotten dream.

Now you saw her and now you didn't,
lost in  bright lights and the milling crowd.
Out of place in the razzle dazzle
her presence did some mystery shroud.

A tattered bundle was all she had,
held tightly in her hand
seeming torn between taking flight
rooted like a statue, did she stand.

Advancing, almost trance like,
she seemed to plead with me,
Offering me the little bundle,
so that I could better see.

Intrigued by that gesture then ,
I stepped up for a closer look.
A small baby slept curled inside,
for what a clothes bundle I mistook.

"Give me anything that you have right now.
Just take her away from me.
I have nothing left now, to give her,
and responsible for her cannot be."

As a  mother of young children myself,
I felt a flood moral outrage.
How could a mother give away her child
no matter what hunger she needed to assuage?

She shrank within, as I accused her,
of stealing for money, that little baby.
A mother would have sold herself,
or died in the attempt maybe!!

"I tried" she cried, "but no one wants,
to buy a mother with child",
Saying so, she turned and ran,
her voice echoing, ringing wild.

The festive night was upon us
all dressed up and places to go,
we celebrated late into the night,
with laughter, lights, stories and more

Along with other stories regaled,
I told of the woman who kidnapped to sell,
All my friends and family agreed,
to drive her away, I did well..

The next morning as I read the news
this story jumped out at me.
A baby had been flung to death.
by a man who paid for the mother's body.

The woman had then killed the man.
a loose woman, it implied.
In such auspicious climes for her body to sell,
could she not something else have tried?.

The glittering goods, the festive shine,
did not dim the least,
For, a woman who tried to sell a child and killed a man,
just had to be a beast!!

Happy Diwali everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What women want....

Diamonds are a girl's best friend,
gold is warm and friendly too,
cash can be comforting,
these days, even plastic cards will do!!

While these might all do very well,
for life's dark and rainy day
It takes much more to impress girls,
no matter what you've heard say.

Any one with cash to spare,
can gold and diamonds procure,
but to make it truly magical,
your heart and soul in it you must  pour.

A few warm words, a hug sometimes,
and a loving look, straight into her eyes,
some pretty  flowers, trinkets and more,
are all just words to the wise.

Most importantly, you will need to listen,
to what she has to say.
Then give it all the thought it needs,
let not  impatience lead you astray.

When once you have learnt to listen,
everything will fall in place.
You will know exactly what she needs,
and with your winning ways, amaze.

No matter how absurd they seem,
be there for her, to quiet her fears,
and even if you cannot understand,
gently wipe away her tears.
There may be times when logic fails,
why she should never cry ,
At such times just be that strong shoulder,
on which her tears can dry.

Big, garish, expensive gifts
might not ever do the trick.,
but she'd love something that says you understand,
exactly what makes her tick.

Just what she means to you,
and how much she lights  up your life,
is what she needs to hear from you,
in times of calm or strife.

Sleep-ins and breakfasts in bed,
a deep kiss for no reason,
a tender touch, a loving pat,
that tell of a love for every season.

But mind, no matter what you do,
you must remember this,
if it does not come from the heart,
it will not her ever please.

Once she knows you love her so,
that no one can her ever replace,
gold and diamonds, material things,
become unimportant,oh so common place!

So should you ever want to know,
what it is a woman wants,
just remember nothing pleases her more,
than knowing your heart and soul she haunts!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Heroes do not always,
stand out to every eye
Some times they are so hard to spot,
they look like the next door guy.

They can almost never fly,
and have no dazzling  capes to drape,
Tall, short, small or large,
they come in every size and shape.

Lightning flashes never announce,
their arrival on the scene,
and sometimes they just go away,
as if  they never have been.

Fame night never light their way,
and there may be no awards,
the world may never know of them,
they'd break no records.

Super speed, flashing lights,
tolling bells or puffs of smoke,
none of these will you ever see
no matter how hard you look.

If you find all this hard to believe,
it is not so hard to prove
Just look closely at your life,
and you'll see who your life did improve.

There are some people in your life
who are the ones that make you, 'you!'
some you  acknowledge openly,
while some you never do.

It may be your first grade teacher,
who taught you  to deal with a bully
or the friend who gave you good advice,
that helped when followed truly.

A parent who gave you the courage to try,
and follow your heart's desire,
even for what the world  did say,
it was out of your reach to aspire.

An uncle an aunt, a brother, a mate,
who wiped your tears and stood by you in your lows.
True heroes who managed to ensure,
you life smoothly flows.

The ones who make you who you are
and help you everything sort.
Every life has its share of heroes,
whether you  acknowledge them or not!

So next time you think of a hero,
just look closer home.
Knowing them might inspire,
you to be one, for some!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hebephrenia ... anyone?

Parenting... parenting teenagers especially, has people  pulling their hair out. Not the easiest people to understand at best of times, living with teenagers can drive the best of us round the bend never mind how much you love them. A recent and much needed addition to my vocabulary is 'Hebephrenia'  that defines the disorganized behaviour of young adults/ teens.  So finally there is  a word  that tells it all. Makes me feel better that there are enough parents being tormented that they have to have a word for it!! But some times we need more than one word....   A friend  and someone who also dabbles with words, wrote these in a moment of  frustration, irritation... about her fourteen year old... .... A wonderful mother, Mridu uses a mix of humour, firmness, discipline and loads of love to parent her two lovely kids. She is my guest blogger for this post.

  • -

    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down
    You say you will be back by 6:30
    I wait the hour, confident you will be back
    Everyday you come well past the time,
    When an excuse of five-10 minutes delay
    That makes me believe that you tried
    Is also not possible
    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down

    You say you love life and want the best for yourself
    Yet do everything in a manner that is totally contrary
    You seem to understand what I explain
    I believe there will be a change
    Everyday I am confident that this is a day
    That the start of change is happening
    And I can say you have got a hold of your life
    As the day ends you seem clueless where the thread of your life lies, forget holding it
    I can’t even pretend that the start to grasping the thread of your life has begun
    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down

    I just want you to be happy today and tomorrow
    And I firmly believe that it is possible to be happy both today and tomorrow
    You too seem to believe in my belief
    But your actions say that one is at the expense of others
    I can’t bear the thought of you defeated, unhappy, unsure in future
    So I still believe in you
    And hope that you will not let me down tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Outside the window last night,
there seemed someone on the prowl,
looking in,  beady eyed,
it was a great big owl.

Talking of this next morning,
I was told it was not a good omen.
'Did it enter your home?
oh, that should never happen!'

Do animals  I wonder,
ever talk of how they spent their day?
Did the owl go home and discuss,
the humans he'd seen on his way?

Did his folks also warn him,
to keep away from all things  human?
Did they say that humans
for any other species, can be a bad omen?

If  a cat by just crossing our path
can bring ill luck to us,
do we by crossing her path,
foretell a bad day for the puss?

A rabbit's foot by some of us,
may be thought of as lucky,
But having had to give up his foot,
just how lucky can the rabbit be?

As for those night time creatures,
 the bats give some the shivers,
while for yet other people,
they are just good luck givers.

We do not even spare,
the tiny bugs and the beetles.
While some think of spiders as creepy,
others see in them, the end of their troubles.

Why do  the 'mighty' humans,
who think of them selves as  'best',
need the 'lesser' mortals,
and in them such meaning invest?!

Can not the high and mighty,
depend on themselves?
It might be more fitting ,
if for inner strength  each one delves!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

To be sleeping..... beauty!

Have you ever wondered,
how life would be after a hundred years of sleep?
And to wake up with a dreamy kiss,
from a man who loves you deep.

Sleeping beauty might have had a tale,
worthy of big screen glamour and glitz
But ask a woman worth her salt,
and she'll confess, those are the intriguing bits.

Oh it is very nice to be an only child,
welcomed with love and open arms.
To be so blessed by fairies and lesser folks,
that you live life on your terms.

To be beautiful and virtuous,
and have the world at your beck and call.
To have the world as your  personal oyster,
and everyday a fancy ball!

The envy though of everyone,
especially of the moms and married ones,
is the long deep sleep
and a kiss that your senses truly stuns.

For the riches you can acquire,
the virtues cultivate,
beauty even comes in bottles now,
that can be bought before it gets out of date.

But waking up same after such long sleep,
is on every woman's wish list,
And then no questions on dinner, only a passionate kiss,
is the best ever fairy tale twist!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!

The one thing I have noticed
in my life all  along,
is that when men try to tell you things,
they often get it wrong.

It does not matter what their age,
 they have one thing in common.
They find it hard to say simple things,
especially about emotion.

They often display anger brilliantly
and  show irritation well,
but ask them about tender feelings,
and it's like they are under a mute spell.

Maybe it begins at birth,
as little girls smile and coo when satisfied.
while little boys just grunt and sleep
unless when upset enough, they cried.

True to their selves they get excited by
snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
Frogs, buttons and gadgets hold them spellbound,
better then princess tales.

The hugs they just suffer through,
and the  kisses they endure,
when all they prefer to talk about,
is sports, games and how they score.

It might just change a little bit,
as big boys they become,
the games change to include now,
girls, girls, girls and then some.

Oh their fluency would impress you,
and lead you to believe,
that they can say exactly what would please,
each and every eve.

But don't let that ever fool you though,
they are still those little boys,
the ones that rather have teeth pulled out,
than  their deepest feelings voice.

So it can be all up to you,
to figure out what they mean,
or else it might take a lifetime for you,
to some sense from their conversation glean.!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Death tell us apart.

The first thing I remember  growing up,
was this girl next door to me.
So well liked and popular,
all I wanted then, was just like her to be.

I copied all she did and said,
and almost became a second her.
It thrilled me when all praised me too,
like clones or twins we were.

When I grew up some more then,
and found  I was expected,
to be more just like my loving mom,
so it was her persona I perfected.

On and off it happened again,
at times, it was a teacher much admired,
at others an aunt, a cousin or a friend,
each one in turn, in me I acquired.

At times I heard a voice inside,
that asked if this was all that life meant to me,
but I quelled it right there and then,
as I focused on who next I should be.

One by one, they did pass on,
and of the pretense I grew weary.
At long last then,  I did ask of  death,
when she would come for me.

She looked at me surprised and asked
Just who are you? Have you not died many times?
The people who you wanted to be,
their going was one of the signs.

Each time you became someone else,
you lost a part of you.
You were so good at being them,
as yourself,  not a thing did you do.

While it is good to be inspired,
by all those around you see,
when you never fight for your identity,
you eventually cease to be.

I am not so sure when it will be your time
because you have never ever lived.
All you did was be someone else,
In your self you never believed.

No matter how good someone else,
true to yourself you must be.
Only then can you claim or say,
you've lived or died fully!!

Memory lane

If you should ever wander,
down memory lane,
you almost get that feeling,
of  living your life again.

Of course, it may not always be,
what you might expect.
Oh, there are those highs you look for,
also some downs you never suspect.

Some memories brilliant and colourful,
dazzling by their shine.
Some so drab and so weathered,
showing signs of dust and decline.

Like a very interesting maze,
to which you have the keys,
you slip in and out easy,
through a crowd of memories.

The echoes of some past laughter,
and the happy glow,
it comes alive that instant,
even if it happened long ago.

Then there are some corners
you'd rather not explore,
for the fear of the pain and darkness,
that they still might  hold in store.

Memories always do something ,
bring  you pleasure or  pain.
Some even so powerful,
the future they ordain.

When you look back at them,
lying strewn around,
some of them are keepers,
while some better buried underground.

Big, bad or small or ugly,
they define who you are.
They help to keep you anchored,
should you ever drift afar.

And even if nothing matters,
this is a walk all must take,
going down memory lane,
just for old time's sake!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rooted unreality

Do you ever remember
that childhood game of 'pretend'?
You were who you wanted to be,
and did reality  suspend.

An engine driver for a day,
when the engine was not even there.
Oh those delicious meals you created,
that came and disappeared into thin air.

You were who you chose to be,
from one day to the next.
Nothing stopped you  from pretending,
you were what you loved best.

You were so all-powerful,
you saved the world all alone,
Or just waited for your prince charming,
to share your beautiful throne.

That world of make believe,
was so very wonderful.
It may not have meant much to anyone,
but for you it was very real.

Then you had to grow up,
and leave that world behind.
You were told it did not work that way,
just because you had it in  your mind.

Pretend though you still did,
as you faced the daily grind.
You just clothed it in better words,
as with 'diplomacy' you arrived.

Whatever got you ahead,
is what you said you liked.
No matter what the reality,
you had yourself well psyched.

That may be the way of the world,
and necessary to live,
but here is another thought,
you may want some time to give.

Diplomacy and fantasy,
that help handle the adult world today,
are grown from seeds that as children,
were planted yesterday.

So next time you get stuck for an answer,
and don't know what to do,
just go back into that carefree childhood,
and it may just come to you!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Justice served

This is an interesting  age we live in,
for justice is well served,
just ask the man leaving his girl friends place,
caught on camera, felt unnerved.

His wife left him and he felt bad,
so he did the only thing he could.
He waged a case against the picture,
and found wealth he otherwise never would.

In another story, a little woman,
ordered a hot drink to soothe her nerves.
So upset was she, when she spilled it on herself.
she felt legal redress was the only course.

The battle went on for a bit,
as it was felt she should have known,
that when you ask for something hot,
you should never tip it on your gown.

In what was thought as perfect justice,
they settled the battle well.
Richer than she could ever hope for,
the signs of the hurt the wealth did dispel.

Recently a young man claimed,
that he had done some research.
That a scent meant to attract lady loves,
did nothing for him, except his name besmirch.

So he too gained enough wealth,
to make up for his lost name.
making everyone wonder how,
they too could be winners in such game.

The moral of these stories is.
that modern life is fair and just.
It may break all rules of good sense,
but for wealth, fight for a silly cause you must!!

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