Thursday, October 6, 2011

Death tell us apart.

The first thing I remember  growing up,
was this girl next door to me.
So well liked and popular,
all I wanted then, was just like her to be.

I copied all she did and said,
and almost became a second her.
It thrilled me when all praised me too,
like clones or twins we were.

When I grew up some more then,
and found  I was expected,
to be more just like my loving mom,
so it was her persona I perfected.

On and off it happened again,
at times, it was a teacher much admired,
at others an aunt, a cousin or a friend,
each one in turn, in me I acquired.

At times I heard a voice inside,
that asked if this was all that life meant to me,
but I quelled it right there and then,
as I focused on who next I should be.

One by one, they did pass on,
and of the pretense I grew weary.
At long last then,  I did ask of  death,
when she would come for me.

She looked at me surprised and asked
Just who are you? Have you not died many times?
The people who you wanted to be,
their going was one of the signs.

Each time you became someone else,
you lost a part of you.
You were so good at being them,
as yourself,  not a thing did you do.

While it is good to be inspired,
by all those around you see,
when you never fight for your identity,
you eventually cease to be.

I am not so sure when it will be your time
because you have never ever lived.
All you did was be someone else,
In your self you never believed.

No matter how good someone else,
true to yourself you must be.
Only then can you claim or say,
you've lived or died fully!!


  1. Wow! Beautiful!! It seems you've spoken my heart out....

  2. Yes I have died several times. When I hunted for those selves and found them gone, I was bewildered. I believed all my selves could coexist :(

    Then I mourned



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