Sunday, October 23, 2011


Heroes do not always,
stand out to every eye
Some times they are so hard to spot,
they look like the next door guy.

They can almost never fly,
and have no dazzling  capes to drape,
Tall, short, small or large,
they come in every size and shape.

Lightning flashes never announce,
their arrival on the scene,
and sometimes they just go away,
as if  they never have been.

Fame night never light their way,
and there may be no awards,
the world may never know of them,
they'd break no records.

Super speed, flashing lights,
tolling bells or puffs of smoke,
none of these will you ever see
no matter how hard you look.

If you find all this hard to believe,
it is not so hard to prove
Just look closely at your life,
and you'll see who your life did improve.

There are some people in your life
who are the ones that make you, 'you!'
some you  acknowledge openly,
while some you never do.

It may be your first grade teacher,
who taught you  to deal with a bully
or the friend who gave you good advice,
that helped when followed truly.

A parent who gave you the courage to try,
and follow your heart's desire,
even for what the world  did say,
it was out of your reach to aspire.

An uncle an aunt, a brother, a mate,
who wiped your tears and stood by you in your lows.
True heroes who managed to ensure,
you life smoothly flows.

The ones who make you who you are
and help you everything sort.
Every life has its share of heroes,
whether you  acknowledge them or not!

So next time you think of a hero,
just look closer home.
Knowing them might inspire,
you to be one, for some!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for being one of the heroes of my life. Continue being you

    Your friend


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