Sunday, October 30, 2011

Festive sheen

It was a very festive time of year,
that time to have it all.
Treats, lights and everything new,
for everyone, big and small.

Glitzy, glittery and shining new,
everyone was busy touting wares.
It was not about if you needed it or not,
but showing the world  you had umpteen spares.

In the middle of all the melee,
so out of place she did seem,
thin, waif like, almost  ethereal.
like glimpses from a forgotten dream.

Now you saw her and now you didn't,
lost in  bright lights and the milling crowd.
Out of place in the razzle dazzle
her presence did some mystery shroud.

A tattered bundle was all she had,
held tightly in her hand
seeming torn between taking flight
rooted like a statue, did she stand.

Advancing, almost trance like,
she seemed to plead with me,
Offering me the little bundle,
so that I could better see.

Intrigued by that gesture then ,
I stepped up for a closer look.
A small baby slept curled inside,
for what a clothes bundle I mistook.

"Give me anything that you have right now.
Just take her away from me.
I have nothing left now, to give her,
and responsible for her cannot be."

As a  mother of young children myself,
I felt a flood moral outrage.
How could a mother give away her child
no matter what hunger she needed to assuage?

She shrank within, as I accused her,
of stealing for money, that little baby.
A mother would have sold herself,
or died in the attempt maybe!!

"I tried" she cried, "but no one wants,
to buy a mother with child",
Saying so, she turned and ran,
her voice echoing, ringing wild.

The festive night was upon us
all dressed up and places to go,
we celebrated late into the night,
with laughter, lights, stories and more

Along with other stories regaled,
I told of the woman who kidnapped to sell,
All my friends and family agreed,
to drive her away, I did well..

The next morning as I read the news
this story jumped out at me.
A baby had been flung to death.
by a man who paid for the mother's body.

The woman had then killed the man.
a loose woman, it implied.
In such auspicious climes for her body to sell,
could she not something else have tried?.

The glittering goods, the festive shine,
did not dim the least,
For, a woman who tried to sell a child and killed a man,
just had to be a beast!!

Happy Diwali everyone!

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