Thursday, October 6, 2011

Memory lane

If you should ever wander,
down memory lane,
you almost get that feeling,
of  living your life again.

Of course, it may not always be,
what you might expect.
Oh, there are those highs you look for,
also some downs you never suspect.

Some memories brilliant and colourful,
dazzling by their shine.
Some so drab and so weathered,
showing signs of dust and decline.

Like a very interesting maze,
to which you have the keys,
you slip in and out easy,
through a crowd of memories.

The echoes of some past laughter,
and the happy glow,
it comes alive that instant,
even if it happened long ago.

Then there are some corners
you'd rather not explore,
for the fear of the pain and darkness,
that they still might  hold in store.

Memories always do something ,
bring  you pleasure or  pain.
Some even so powerful,
the future they ordain.

When you look back at them,
lying strewn around,
some of them are keepers,
while some better buried underground.

Big, bad or small or ugly,
they define who you are.
They help to keep you anchored,
should you ever drift afar.

And even if nothing matters,
this is a walk all must take,
going down memory lane,
just for old time's sake!

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