Saturday, October 15, 2011


Outside the window last night,
there seemed someone on the prowl,
looking in,  beady eyed,
it was a great big owl.

Talking of this next morning,
I was told it was not a good omen.
'Did it enter your home?
oh, that should never happen!'

Do animals  I wonder,
ever talk of how they spent their day?
Did the owl go home and discuss,
the humans he'd seen on his way?

Did his folks also warn him,
to keep away from all things  human?
Did they say that humans
for any other species, can be a bad omen?

If  a cat by just crossing our path
can bring ill luck to us,
do we by crossing her path,
foretell a bad day for the puss?

A rabbit's foot by some of us,
may be thought of as lucky,
But having had to give up his foot,
just how lucky can the rabbit be?

As for those night time creatures,
 the bats give some the shivers,
while for yet other people,
they are just good luck givers.

We do not even spare,
the tiny bugs and the beetles.
While some think of spiders as creepy,
others see in them, the end of their troubles.

Why do  the 'mighty' humans,
who think of them selves as  'best',
need the 'lesser' mortals,
and in them such meaning invest?!

Can not the high and mighty,
depend on themselves?
It might be more fitting ,
if for inner strength  each one delves!


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