Monday, October 17, 2011

Hebephrenia ... anyone?

Parenting... parenting teenagers especially, has people  pulling their hair out. Not the easiest people to understand at best of times, living with teenagers can drive the best of us round the bend never mind how much you love them. A recent and much needed addition to my vocabulary is 'Hebephrenia'  that defines the disorganized behaviour of young adults/ teens.  So finally there is  a word  that tells it all. Makes me feel better that there are enough parents being tormented that they have to have a word for it!! But some times we need more than one word....   A friend  and someone who also dabbles with words, wrote these in a moment of  frustration, irritation... about her fourteen year old... .... A wonderful mother, Mridu uses a mix of humour, firmness, discipline and loads of love to parent her two lovely kids. She is my guest blogger for this post.

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    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down
    You say you will be back by 6:30
    I wait the hour, confident you will be back
    Everyday you come well past the time,
    When an excuse of five-10 minutes delay
    That makes me believe that you tried
    Is also not possible
    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down

    You say you love life and want the best for yourself
    Yet do everything in a manner that is totally contrary
    You seem to understand what I explain
    I believe there will be a change
    Everyday I am confident that this is a day
    That the start of change is happening
    And I can say you have got a hold of your life
    As the day ends you seem clueless where the thread of your life lies, forget holding it
    I can’t even pretend that the start to grasping the thread of your life has begun
    Everyday I believe in you
    Everyday you let me down

    I just want you to be happy today and tomorrow
    And I firmly believe that it is possible to be happy both today and tomorrow
    You too seem to believe in my belief
    But your actions say that one is at the expense of others
    I can’t bear the thought of you defeated, unhappy, unsure in future
    So I still believe in you
    And hope that you will not let me down tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you Smita :) You put it across beautifully. I am honoured!

    love always mridu


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