Saturday, October 1, 2011

Justice served

This is an interesting  age we live in,
for justice is well served,
just ask the man leaving his girl friends place,
caught on camera, felt unnerved.

His wife left him and he felt bad,
so he did the only thing he could.
He waged a case against the picture,
and found wealth he otherwise never would.

In another story, a little woman,
ordered a hot drink to soothe her nerves.
So upset was she, when she spilled it on herself.
she felt legal redress was the only course.

The battle went on for a bit,
as it was felt she should have known,
that when you ask for something hot,
you should never tip it on your gown.

In what was thought as perfect justice,
they settled the battle well.
Richer than she could ever hope for,
the signs of the hurt the wealth did dispel.

Recently a young man claimed,
that he had done some research.
That a scent meant to attract lady loves,
did nothing for him, except his name besmirch.

So he too gained enough wealth,
to make up for his lost name.
making everyone wonder how,
they too could be winners in such game.

The moral of these stories is.
that modern life is fair and just.
It may break all rules of good sense,
but for wealth, fight for a silly cause you must!!

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