Thursday, October 13, 2011

To be sleeping..... beauty!

Have you ever wondered,
how life would be after a hundred years of sleep?
And to wake up with a dreamy kiss,
from a man who loves you deep.

Sleeping beauty might have had a tale,
worthy of big screen glamour and glitz
But ask a woman worth her salt,
and she'll confess, those are the intriguing bits.

Oh it is very nice to be an only child,
welcomed with love and open arms.
To be so blessed by fairies and lesser folks,
that you live life on your terms.

To be beautiful and virtuous,
and have the world at your beck and call.
To have the world as your  personal oyster,
and everyday a fancy ball!

The envy though of everyone,
especially of the moms and married ones,
is the long deep sleep
and a kiss that your senses truly stuns.

For the riches you can acquire,
the virtues cultivate,
beauty even comes in bottles now,
that can be bought before it gets out of date.

But waking up same after such long sleep,
is on every woman's wish list,
And then no questions on dinner, only a passionate kiss,
is the best ever fairy tale twist!!


  1. Beautiful lines..
    All women desire these fortunes...
    Keep writing..

  2. Not for the fortune but for a brand new prince and this time a romantic one.... I hereby apply for the post

    and the absenc eof any worries/ work for 100 years ( I am OK with 1 yesr too)


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