Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What women want....

Diamonds are a girl's best friend,
gold is warm and friendly too,
cash can be comforting,
these days, even plastic cards will do!!

While these might all do very well,
for life's dark and rainy day
It takes much more to impress girls,
no matter what you've heard say.

Any one with cash to spare,
can gold and diamonds procure,
but to make it truly magical,
your heart and soul in it you must  pour.

A few warm words, a hug sometimes,
and a loving look, straight into her eyes,
some pretty  flowers, trinkets and more,
are all just words to the wise.

Most importantly, you will need to listen,
to what she has to say.
Then give it all the thought it needs,
let not  impatience lead you astray.

When once you have learnt to listen,
everything will fall in place.
You will know exactly what she needs,
and with your winning ways, amaze.

No matter how absurd they seem,
be there for her, to quiet her fears,
and even if you cannot understand,
gently wipe away her tears.
There may be times when logic fails,
why she should never cry ,
At such times just be that strong shoulder,
on which her tears can dry.

Big, garish, expensive gifts
might not ever do the trick.,
but she'd love something that says you understand,
exactly what makes her tick.

Just what she means to you,
and how much she lights  up your life,
is what she needs to hear from you,
in times of calm or strife.

Sleep-ins and breakfasts in bed,
a deep kiss for no reason,
a tender touch, a loving pat,
that tell of a love for every season.

But mind, no matter what you do,
you must remember this,
if it does not come from the heart,
it will not her ever please.

Once she knows you love her so,
that no one can her ever replace,
gold and diamonds, material things,
become unimportant,oh so common place!

So should you ever want to know,
what it is a woman wants,
just remember nothing pleases her more,
than knowing your heart and soul she haunts!!


  1. Superlike!

    This shuld be mandatory for all men gettng married. Most seem so lost and clueless.

    Love it!


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