Saturday, November 26, 2011

A fairy(less) tale. Yet another frog!

This is a story about winning,
and about what gets winners there,
about how its all within each one,
all he has to is dare.

Once there was a frog princess,
to whose hand every frog aspired.
the choice was for her very difficult,
she was beautiful and much admired.

At first the tests were rather simple,
and many suitors did just get through,
but slowly in time as they progressed,
things took on a tougher hue.

The final test had the worthy few,
who got through every test.
But this last one would tell surely,
who among them, was the very best.

The tower that the princess lived in,
was the tallest in every land,
He who could scale it well,
would win for himself, her pretty hand.

It was not a task for the faint hearted,
as you could even fall and die!
So were cautioned in advance,
those who wanted to give it a try.

So with caution  most proceeded,
but for this one feisty guy.
While fear coloured all their hopes,
this one seemed to aim for the sky.

As the crowds beneath them shouted,
warnings and good luck slogans all,
they began their journey up,
their hopes and fears holding them in thrall.

The higher up they reached,
the more caution the crowds advised.
and the more they heeded everyone,
with less progress, they surprised.

One by one they fell by the way,
as they came to points they could not pass,
some travelled a little more,
but most joined below, the screaming mass.

At last, there was just the feisty one,
who hopped and leaped with heed to none,
He took his own time doing it,
but finally at the top was the only one.

As he kissed his blushing bride,
there was but one question on every  lip.
The secret to his winning streak,
every one was hoping for this useful tip.

"You never seemed to need advice,
and single minded made it to the top".
"Pardon me for not paying heed,
I have a cold and my ears just wouldn't pop".

He could not hear well he said,
and had relied on himself and what he thought best.
The shouts and screams of the nay-sayers,
thus never gave him pause in his quest.

The moral to this un-fairy tale,
cannot be repeated often enough.
When we want to chase our dreams,
at times it is best to be just stone deaf!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another modern fairy tale!

I grew up listening to these stories,
before I could even read,
Later on, books brought them alive,
and through many fantasies me lead.

The dragons, witches, villains too,
at first, all thrilled  my heart,
but  slowly I noticed that the princess did,
nothing but wait  from the start.

Looking in every page,
for the girl I would like to grow up and be,
no matter how hard I looked,
I did not think any of them was me.

The story was so simple,
it seemed a surety
Why, it was every little girl's right,
to get a prince charming at maturity!

Snow white, Rose red, Cinderella, Rapunzel,
in fairy tales out west,
Sita, Draupadi, Rukmini in the east,
wed men who loved them best.

It mattered not who you were,
there was a prince for every princess in the land
Dwarfs, witches, wicked step- moms,
every peril did the love withstand.

But the more I thought, it seemed so odd,
 that she waited for a prince to come along.
Could she not have just helped herself?
Their love might have been more strong.

Could Rapunzel not have used her hair,
and slid down the tall tower?
Cinderella, with her fairy godmother
had a better life, using all her power?

Princesses these days don't need,
rescuing anymore.
They can grab life by the horns
and settle their own score.

Men and women of today,
are no different in what they can do,
Getting together for a better life,
is what they need to do.

Now it can be a fairy tale,
if  it has all on equal terms
a story that pulls at your heart strings,
solely for the love it reaffirms.

Helpless damsels in distress,
were the norm in every old fairy tale.
I have this sneaky suspicion,
the authors were all male!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Powder and paint.

Nose is so red,
feeling so blue,
the head aches dully,
and the eyes water too.

The problem begins ,
at the top of the head,
the hair caked and matted
looks completely dead.

The tips of the toes,
have not been spared too,
dry and so cracked,
they will not fit in any shoe.

Nowhere to run,
as the dust flies around,
nowhere to hide
fumes every corner abound.

When will it end,
cannot be answered by any.
What do you do?
It is self inflicted agony!!.

Everything else after,
may look ever better
save my own self,
that will never recover.

Woe betide thoughts of beauty,
that held me in sway,
Now, wish the house painters,
would just go away!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me and you and everyone.

Human mind is a funny thing,
on what it lavishes care.
We fret about how we look,
and choose accessories with care.

We agonise over the phone we buy,
wanting the latest and the best,
but so lost are we in the quest for more,
for leisurely chats are hard pressed.

We talk a lot about making the world,
a nicer, better place,
but when it comes to doing something,
it's just an empty phrase.

We often confuse happiness,
as having the best of everything,
never thinking that it could be about,
on our blessings focusing.

We put together such lovely homes,
with all that money can buy,
but  often don't spend time in them,
as for the next on the "get" list we try

We think nothing of crossing the line,
never mind what a child's interest,
fulfilling our expectations
becomes Love's litmus test.
If we think it looks good  for us,
we spend generously too,
on looks and clothes and status symbols,
and boast of the charity we do.

Lip service to any cause that counts,
is what we do the best,
Appearances are paramount,
public perception, the acid test.

Human mind is a funny thing,
as it never realizes how,
by keeping up and cloning everyone,
we dilute our very being somehow.

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