Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another modern fairy tale!

I grew up listening to these stories,
before I could even read,
Later on, books brought them alive,
and through many fantasies me lead.

The dragons, witches, villains too,
at first, all thrilled  my heart,
but  slowly I noticed that the princess did,
nothing but wait  from the start.

Looking in every page,
for the girl I would like to grow up and be,
no matter how hard I looked,
I did not think any of them was me.

The story was so simple,
it seemed a surety
Why, it was every little girl's right,
to get a prince charming at maturity!

Snow white, Rose red, Cinderella, Rapunzel,
in fairy tales out west,
Sita, Draupadi, Rukmini in the east,
wed men who loved them best.

It mattered not who you were,
there was a prince for every princess in the land
Dwarfs, witches, wicked step- moms,
every peril did the love withstand.

But the more I thought, it seemed so odd,
 that she waited for a prince to come along.
Could she not have just helped herself?
Their love might have been more strong.

Could Rapunzel not have used her hair,
and slid down the tall tower?
Cinderella, with her fairy godmother
had a better life, using all her power?

Princesses these days don't need,
rescuing anymore.
They can grab life by the horns
and settle their own score.

Men and women of today,
are no different in what they can do,
Getting together for a better life,
is what they need to do.

Now it can be a fairy tale,
if  it has all on equal terms
a story that pulls at your heart strings,
solely for the love it reaffirms.

Helpless damsels in distress,
were the norm in every old fairy tale.
I have this sneaky suspicion,
the authors were all male!!

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