Saturday, November 26, 2011

A fairy(less) tale. Yet another frog!

This is a story about winning,
and about what gets winners there,
about how its all within each one,
all he has to is dare.

Once there was a frog princess,
to whose hand every frog aspired.
the choice was for her very difficult,
she was beautiful and much admired.

At first the tests were rather simple,
and many suitors did just get through,
but slowly in time as they progressed,
things took on a tougher hue.

The final test had the worthy few,
who got through every test.
But this last one would tell surely,
who among them, was the very best.

The tower that the princess lived in,
was the tallest in every land,
He who could scale it well,
would win for himself, her pretty hand.

It was not a task for the faint hearted,
as you could even fall and die!
So were cautioned in advance,
those who wanted to give it a try.

So with caution  most proceeded,
but for this one feisty guy.
While fear coloured all their hopes,
this one seemed to aim for the sky.

As the crowds beneath them shouted,
warnings and good luck slogans all,
they began their journey up,
their hopes and fears holding them in thrall.

The higher up they reached,
the more caution the crowds advised.
and the more they heeded everyone,
with less progress, they surprised.

One by one they fell by the way,
as they came to points they could not pass,
some travelled a little more,
but most joined below, the screaming mass.

At last, there was just the feisty one,
who hopped and leaped with heed to none,
He took his own time doing it,
but finally at the top was the only one.

As he kissed his blushing bride,
there was but one question on every  lip.
The secret to his winning streak,
every one was hoping for this useful tip.

"You never seemed to need advice,
and single minded made it to the top".
"Pardon me for not paying heed,
I have a cold and my ears just wouldn't pop".

He could not hear well he said,
and had relied on himself and what he thought best.
The shouts and screams of the nay-sayers,
thus never gave him pause in his quest.

The moral to this un-fairy tale,
cannot be repeated often enough.
When we want to chase our dreams,
at times it is best to be just stone deaf!!

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