Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me and you and everyone.

Human mind is a funny thing,
on what it lavishes care.
We fret about how we look,
and choose accessories with care.

We agonise over the phone we buy,
wanting the latest and the best,
but so lost are we in the quest for more,
for leisurely chats are hard pressed.

We talk a lot about making the world,
a nicer, better place,
but when it comes to doing something,
it's just an empty phrase.

We often confuse happiness,
as having the best of everything,
never thinking that it could be about,
on our blessings focusing.

We put together such lovely homes,
with all that money can buy,
but  often don't spend time in them,
as for the next on the "get" list we try

We think nothing of crossing the line,
never mind what a child's interest,
fulfilling our expectations
becomes Love's litmus test.
If we think it looks good  for us,
we spend generously too,
on looks and clothes and status symbols,
and boast of the charity we do.

Lip service to any cause that counts,
is what we do the best,
Appearances are paramount,
public perception, the acid test.

Human mind is a funny thing,
as it never realizes how,
by keeping up and cloning everyone,
we dilute our very being somehow.


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