Friday, December 30, 2011


It's said be careful what you wish for,
because it just might come true.
and if that does so happen,
you might not know what next to do.

Hopes and wishes criss-cross our mind,
and a tangled web they weave,
that  hold in those gossamer threads,
our happiness, we believe.

It seems in each one of us,
resides many a different person,
so you may want at the same time,
stillness and yet to be in motion.

Often all that we wish for,
may not be all in tandem,
and if we search within us,
may look at odds and random.

Wishes and hopes that take us,
 up many a varied path,
are often what when fulfilled,
pull us this way and that..

Sometimes a wish fulfilled makes us greedy,
for more and more and more,
At others, does the wish lose its luster
leave you wondering what you were clamouring for?

Do wishes come tagged with,
a 'best by' expiration date?
After which even if they come true,
it's just too little and too late?

If wishes were just horses,
that we could easily get astride,
then would we cherish any when fulfilled,
or use and cast them aside?

Is there a limit on the number of wishes,
that are granted in a lifetime?
And as you get  to the end of your share,
is there any tell-tale sign?

Does that mean you should ration,
with extreme care your wishes?
For that which you really need,
before your share is used up and perishes?

So be careful what you wish for,
it might just come true.
And if that does happen ,
you may not know what next to do!

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